Who are you wearing?

While watching the Academy Awards, the average viewer will care most about which film will win best picture. Not I!  I care most about the fashion! After watching the stars walk the red carpet, I had an epiphany and ran to my jewelry collection. “I can do that,” I thought to myself as I looked through my jewels.

So, here is my take on the Oscar fashion!

Many stars borrowed and wore diamond necklaces worth millions of dollars. Penelope Cruz looked stunning in her off the shoulder gown with all that sparkle around her neck.

Her necklace reminded me of a piece from the White Rose Collection. This particular necklace has dangling pearls on a silver chain. It’s a very popular choice for weddings and other fancy occasions. This necklace can be custom made just for you. It can include pearls and/or Swarovski crystals and can be made on a sterling silver or gold fill chain. ($90-$120) http://dianarosecollection.com/dianarosecollection/white-rose-collection/white-rose-collection/

I loved all the bracelets and bangles I saw on the red carpet! Gwenyth Paltrow looked gorgeous in her elegant white gown, but her bangle was to die for! I also really liked Emma Stone’s bangle; it added a little something to her fabulous red dress.

The Diana Rose Collection has many bracelets to choose from. The “Michelle” Bracelet  is a three stranded pearl bracelet with a magnetic crystal clasp (so easy to get on and off by yourself!) It comes in a variety of styles as well. The “Michelle” Bracelet can be custom made to include any color of Swarovski crystals. ($80) http://dianarosecollection.com/dianarosecollection/bracelets/michelle-bracelet/

Most similar to Gwenyth’s bangle is The “Julia” Bracelet. Made with Swarovski crystals and pearls, this bangle wraps easily around the wrist four times. This piece is one of my favorites because it adds class to any outfit, and it is available at such a reasonable price! ($60)

The last trend I noticed on the Red Carpet were the beautiful earrings. Simple and elegant, a pair of earrings can make any outfit look put together. Shailene Woodley looked amazing in her drop earrings, as did Rose Byrne.

Rose’s earrings reminded me of The “Nicole” Earrings. These limited edition black chandelier earrings are made on onyx stone chain with black Swarovski crystals. ($98) http://dianarosecollection.com/dianarosecollection/earrings/the-nicole-earrings/ 

The delicate look of Shailene’s earrings reminded me of The “Emma” Earrings. These earrings are on a gold fill chain with clear and peridot green Swarovski crystals. However, The “Emma” Earrings are also available in sterling silver and can be made with any color Swarovski crystals. ($45) http://dianarosecollection.com/dianarosecollection/earrings/emma-earring/

Hopefully, at the 2013 Oscars, Jennifer Aniston will answer the famous question, “Who are you wearing?” by replying with great satisfaction… “Diana Rose Collection” with a smile on her face.


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