Our Story

I have always loved the social side of fashion: swapping magazine clippings, sharing beauty tips, chatting about what’s hot!  Like most women I often take the lead from stylish trendsetters.  Sometimes I look to Celebrities, but no matter what I love to discuss my style choices and fashion finds with friends.

When your best friend shows up with a Great new hairstyle…the first thing you want to know is where she got it done… and of course make an appointment! That is the power of referral.  I have built the Diana Rose Collection on trusted referrals from women with style!  When I started making jewelry I was a full-time teacher. I began wearing my pieces to add a personal touch to my everyday style.

The first time I wore a piece to school…I sold it that same day!  I started making more and wearing more, and soon I was selling pieces every week. It was amazing to see the positive reactions from all of these women, and how good they felt when they wore it.  I was soon approached by one of my student’s parents about having my first jewelry party.

Just like my first few pieces, my first parties spread by word of mouth. My friends told their friends, until I was showing my Collection in many different homes, meeting new friends, and clients along the way.  Making jewelry was no longer just a hobby…it had turned into a premier jewelry business.

I loved sharing style with women in my community, and there was a financial advantage to running my own business… the harder I worked the more I made. In most careers you make a salary and occasional bonus. It felt good to finally have control during such tough economic times.  I immediately knew that I could pass on this success, and give other women the opportunity to have that same control.

I am excited to share this Collection with you in a new way.  We are offering the opportunity for inspired stylists to share our Collection and build their own careers. By hosting a party or becoming a stylist, you can earn free jewelry, create income, and drive your financial success. The Diana Rose Collection has become what it is today because of motivated, inspirational, and stylish women everywhere.  If you’d like to share in our success, we would love to hear from you!

Diana Burdick